Monday, November 16, 2015

Got Pie?

It's that time again!  Order your Thanksgiving pies!!
Many flavors available including
traditional pumpkin and award winning apple!!
Please order by Monday, Nov. 23rd

call Beth at 383-9545 or

Friday, February 20, 2015

Valley Promotions Cupcake Challenge 2015

Well, another cupcake challenge is in the books and I am so proud to have managed to win again!...Tea For Two Cupcakes!...very appropriate for the Valentine's Day contest!

This year's flavor... Earl Grey Tea cupcakes with Lemon Cream filling,
Lemon Butter Cream frosting, a drizzle of Honey and crushed English Tea Cookies to finish them off. 
It was fun creating a display that incorporated mugs and tea cups handed down to me from my grandmother and mother.
So, 4 years in a I am trying to figure out the flavor that will make it 5! Wish me luck!...and, see you next year at the Challenge!